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A Service of 360

Procemsa’s staff takes care of all the customers’ projects: development of new formulations, analytical methods and stability studies, technical-scientific and administrative support, continuous updates and full implementation of the regulations in force, full compilation of reports, product design, manufacturing of pilot batches, validation of industrial processes, issue of analytical, chemical-physical and microbiological certifications of the finished goods, logistic support: a full quality program which always meets the customers’ expectations.

The production Departments are in continuous development. Currently Procemsa offers services in the production of: Food Supplements, in particular the probiotic food supplements are manufactered and packed in dedicated and isolated area, Medical Devices and Cosmetics.

  • Pre-mixing and mixing
  • Granulation with traditional mixer granulator and fluid bed-dryer
  • Tabletting
  • Tablets: simple and coated, double and triple layer, controlled-release, chewable with gum.
  • Film-coating of tablets (gastro resistant tablets also)
  • Sugar-coating of tablets
  • Liquid filling in bottles
  • Pasteurisation of liquids
  • Sachets filling
  • Capsule fillings
  • Filling of caps for powder



In order to prepare liquid food supplements, Procemsa is equipped with a modern system of flash pasteurisation, based on the combined action of the heat applied on a thin film of product.

This makes sure all micro-organisms are destroyed but at the same time it fully preserves the nutritional contents.